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Messer Healthcare

120 Years of Messer Expertise in gases

Messer is headquartered in Bad Soden, near Frankfurt, Germany. Worldwide Messer has over 5,400 employees and represents medical business in over 25 countries with a focus on Europe and Asia.

Feel free to contact /visit the local subsidiaries in your region for any further inquiries and information regarding Messer medical products or service.


In Europe:

In Asia:

Albania (Messer Albagaz)

China (Messer Griesheim China)

Austria (Messer Austria)

Vietnam (Messer Vietnam Industrial Gases)

Belgium (Messer Belgium)


Bosnia-Herzegovina (Messer Tehnoplin)


Bulgaria (Messer Bulgaria)


Croatia (Messer Croatia Plin)


Czech Republic (Messer Technogas)


Estonia (Elme Messer Gaas)


France (Messer France)


Germany (Messer Industriegase)


Hungary (Messer Hungarogáz)


Latvia (Elme Messer L)


Lithuania (UAB Elme Messer Lit)


Macedonia (Messer Vardar Tehnogas)


Montenegro (Messer Tehnogas)


Poland (Messer Polska)


Romania (Messer Romania)


Russia (Elme Messer K)


Switzerland (Messer Schweiz)


Serbia (Messer Tehnogas)


Slovenia (Messer Slovenija)


Slovakia (Messer Tatragas)


Spain (Messer Ibérica de Gases)


Ukraine (Elme Messer Ukraine)