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Plasma Arc Welding


Plasma welding is similar to TIG-welding. With plasma welding there is a difference between welding with a transferred and non-transferred arc. The non-transferred arc burns between the electrode in the middle of the burner and a ring electrode.  The transferred arc burns between the TIG electrode and component. This arc is concealed by a narrow gas nozzle and is constricted by the small opening cross-section and the high rate of gas discharge.

Plasma welding differs from TIG welding through its arc which is constricted by a water-cooled nozzle. This arc appears out of the nozzle as a plasma beam with high temperature and power density. Plasma welding is mostly used for butt welds on sheets and pipes.  


A shielding gas jacket surrounds the plasma beam and protects the melt from the ambient air. The plasma gas surrounding the electrode is usually argon.  


  • Controlled weld penetration
  • High weld groove