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Oxyfuel Cutting (Flame Cutting)


With Oxyfuel Cutting, the surface of the component to be cut is heated to ignition temperature with a fuel gas/oxygen flame. When the material has reached ignition temperature, an oxygen jet is switched on and the material is set alight. This is the source of the term “flame cutting“.  As this continuous process is exothermic, no further energy is required to heat the entire sheet depth.  The heating flame only supplies the heat for heating the surface. In order for the direction to be changed during cutting, without rotating the cutting nozzle, the heating flame is arranged annularly around the cutting channel. A prerequisite for flame cutting is that the ignition temperature of the material be lower than its melting point.   


Fuel gas and oxygen are used to generate the cutting flame. Oxygen is additionally used as cutting gas.  Messer supplies gases and know-how for your requirements.  


  • Different fuel gases allow for different heating. We help you utilise the best gas for your application.  
  • Increase in economic efficiency
  • Reduction in costs
  • Higher cutting speeds