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Laser Welding


Laser welding is a relatively young joining process and uses a focussed laser beam as a heat source. The high energy density of the laser beam leads to narrow and deep weld penetration at high welding speeds with low heat input and warping.

Contactless operation ensures almost wear-free tool use. Laser welding is used for nearly all metallic construction materials. Depending on the energy density there is a difference between heat conduction welding and deep welding. Carbon dioxide-, solid state-, or diode- lasers are used as beam sources.  


Using a laser  is also not possible without shielding gas. Depending on the material and component, shielding gas mixtures are often used. Due to the variety of materials, mixtures with special additional components have emerged as popular choices.  

Messer supplies gases and know-how for your requirements


The use of gas mixtures instead of pure helium is only economical, when weld quality and process safety do not suffer.  We are pleased to advise and support you.