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pH and Scaling Control

Process description

A wide variety of operations, from chemical plants to swimming pools, control the pH of their process water. A well-adjusted pH is often important to control the reactivity, solubility, or volatility of chemicals dissolved or suspended in water. In addition, pH control can avoid the formation of scale in the process. Lowering of the pH is carried out with acids.

Gas application

For pH set-points > 6.0, safe and economical reduction of the process water pH is now carried out with carbon dioxide (CO2).

 Advantages of CO2 compared to mineral acids:

  • Safe and simple pH adjustment; hyper-acidification is not possible  
  • No handling of dangerous, aggressive acids
  • No pungent vapours or corrosion of surrounding plant equipment   
  • No increase in salt content; relevant for discharge permit 
  • Reduces corrosiveness of circulation water   
  • No investment costs for acid storage
  • Low operating costs  

Messer solution

Messer's Neutra Process allows the safe and economical control of process water pH. Messer prepares a full process proposal and calculates your CO2-demand. For the rapid and complete dissolution of CO2 into water, Messer supplies the technology that best suits the local conditions. Our broad Neutra Hardware Portfolio ranges from injection lances with nozzles for gaseous or liquid CO2, to tube reactors and the Neutrabox technology for the addition of liquid CO2.