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Demi Water Storage

Process description

A central supply of fully deionised water (demi water) in large industrial plants, in chemical parks and for power plants requires a strict protection of the demi water quality in the supply chain between manufacturer and consumer.

Gas application

In particular during storage in the storage tank, the conductivity of deionised water increased during contact with air. Continuous inerting of the storage tank with an inert gas avoids the diffusion of carbon dioxide and other ion-forming gases into the water. For inerting, gaseous nitrogen is generally used.


  • Avoids oxygen enrichment in deionised water
  • Avoids carbon dioxide enrichment in deionised water
  • No increase in conductivity
  • No decrease in pH-value
  • No contamination with dust or volatile organic substances 

Messer solution

Messer offers custom-made solutions with engineering, nitrogen supply and hardware for tank inertisation.