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Messer - Our Approach

You would like to use oxygen, ozone or CO2 in your water treatment and are looking for a partner who will assist you in the implementation quickly and unbureaucratically? With Messer you have the perfect partner! Our service and scope of advice conforms to your needs.

Sometimes things are very urgent, such as the unplanned emergency oxygenation of a sewage treatment plant. Here we can act rapidly because we have process-specific hardware at hand in our equipment pool.

If requested, we provide customised, complete solutions. Including

  • Establishing the basic data for the process design together with you.
  • Calculating the gas demand and the required control range of the gas metering.
  • Preparing a process proposal that describes and specifies the best possible solutions for gas supply, entry point, control and regulation of gas metering, as well as hardware for the injection and dissolution of the gas in water.
  • Supplying the complete plant technology with storage tank, evaporator, dosing station and injection hardware for rent or for sale; also for large-scale experiments and temporary operation
  • Supplying the gases required
  • Specifying further measures to optimise your process

What makes a project with Messer so successful?

  • Our specialists have excellent knowledge of our customers’ common water treatment processes.   
  • Our specialists have expert knowledge of, and a great deal of experience in, mass transfer between gaseous and liquid phases   
  • Wherever it is possible and useful, the existing hydraulic system is used for dissolution of gas into water resulting in cost savings
  • Our specialists are continuously involved in development projects and aware of market trends.  
  • We cooperate with universities, institutes and other partners.
  • We offer the possibility of testing gas applications on an industrial scale.
  • We work together with you on the implementation and continue to support you after commissioning.