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Messer - Our Approach

Do you need cutting and welding gases for your products and are looking for a supplier? With Messer you have the perfect partner!  

Messer not only provides you with gases for all applications in the field of cutting and welding but also extensive support for all gas relevant processes. This especially includes  

  1. Comprehensive advice from certified experts in the field
  2. Training courses that help with process selection and convey the correct use of modern welding or cutting gases
  3. Cost analyses that compare previous welding and cutting processes with optimised ones.

The experts from Messer are happy to advise you. Whether you require a simple telephone consultation or one on site, Messer is there for you. Qualified advice on the welding and cutting processes making up your production is our trademark. We are glad to help you with process optimisation or troubleshooting. In addition, we also work with you to develop new procedures. Our goal is always to optimise your welding and cutting technology towards more efficiency and quality.

Furthermore, Messer offers its customers a comprehensive training programme on various processes and their applications. Our aim is to convey the latest state-of-the-art technology when using different welding gases and to assist you in selecting the appropriate welding shielding gas. In addition, training modules are offered on the topics of "Safe Handling of Technical Gases", "Storage of Gases" and "Transport of Small Quantities of Gases".

In order to facilitate the decision when selecting a new shielding gas, Messer also offers a cost analysis for selected welding processes. First, the existing welding process is looked at and analysed. Thereafter, an optimisation proposal is worked out. The cost analysis compares the previous process with the optimisation proposal.


In order to be always up to date, we take on changing customer requirements as an ongoing task and are constantly developing our product portfolio for you.


Success for you thus means success for us!