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Cleaning with CO2-Snow

Process Description

Plastic parts have to be cleaned before painting due to the fact that during the manufacturing or storage contaminations are on the surface which have to be removed. Snow cleaning is an effective method to clean the parts.

Gas Application

Liquid CO2 is expanded in a special nozzle. The developing dry ice will be shot by compressed air to the parts which have to be cleaned. The fine particles remove slackly adhesive dust or oil from the surface.

Messer Solution

Messer covers the whole range of CO2 distribution for the snow cleaning process. Especially automation needs a constant distribution of liquid CO2 for the snow cleaning nozzles. A liquid pump helps to install a ring system so that liquid CO2 is non stop available at the point of use. Due to our cooperation with partners in this field we fulfill the necessities to make trials previously to find the best nozzles for the task.