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Reporting System & Hotline

Employees are regularly confronted with decisions, some of which fall into a grey area. The question of whether conduct is correct and complies with the Messer Code is therefore often emotional and personal, meaning that it is sometimes difficult to retain the necessary objectivity. In addition, laws and rules are often complex and open to different interpretations. This makes it all the more important that any problems are raised and addressed.

Our  employees have the option of contacting in confidence a defined responsible contact person in connection with questions, comments, information and other concerns regarding the Messer CMS (CO Guideline).

In this connection, every employee can obtain information about whether conduct is consistent with the Messer CMS (Integrity Test), as well as when, to whom and how suspicions of breaches are to be reported. (CO Guideline)


In case our customers, suppliers or business partners have any questions or comments regarding the Messer CMS, or if they have concrete indications of a compliance breach, they can report this to the Corporate Compliance Officer:

by calling the                        Hotline: +49 800 447 1000

or by sending an e-mail to   compliance@messergroup.com