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Competence Centre

Our company philosophy is not only to supply customers with gases, but also to support them by developing new processes or improving existing ones. Particular advantageous is application know-how and new processes in which gases are used.  Therefore, Messer operates a central technology department, which works closely with our sales department. Our aim is to identify technological trends at an early stage and, together with the customer, to develop, provide and integrate application technology gas processes for the optimisation and improvement of processes, methods and products.

Competence centres support innovation. Messer operates technical competence centres in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and China that focus entirely on innovations for different industries.

Testing of various ozone treatments for the paper sector can be carried out at the technical centre in Krefeld. We also work on further specific paper technology and special chemical-analytical issues in cooperation with institutes and external laboratories.

In addition to the technical centre infrastructure, there are networks and collaboration with universities, institutes and trade associations that allow experts to exchange knowledge and market experience as well as joint research and development activities. Messer currently holds around 900 patents worldwide for processes and applications in which gases are used to optimise production methods.