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Cooperation partners

Everything at hand: Messer as a medical partner

Messer is active in the medical business in over 25 countries. As a medical gas supplier, we have strong partnerships with our business partners and aim to have long-term success collectively.



EKU Medizintechnik


Messer cooperates with the device manufacturer, EKU and offers their nitric oxide dosage units together with medical gases from Messer.

EKU is a medium-sized German company, specialized in the development and manufacturing of electronic products in the field of ventilation, anesthesia, medical gas therapy and medical measurement technology.

According to the requirements of Messer’s customers, EKU delivers nitric oxide dosage units; thereupon a Product Specialist from Messer takes over the organisation of maintenance and calibration services and gives user trainings regarding the demanded products.
Therefore, Messer makes sure that their customers receive services from one source including sales and maintenance of the devices as well as gas supply.



Messer cooperates with Porter Instrument (a business unit of Parker Hannifin) featuring the trade names PORTER and MATRX.  Porter and Matrx products are widely used in dental and medical offices throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Porter Instrument, (founded in 1968) is based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, and is one of the global leading suppliers of nitrous oxide and oxygen conscious sedation delivery systems, specializing in the measurement and control of gases in critical applications. The company supplies dental and medical devices through a worldwide distribution network, that help to reduce pain, anxiety, and enables patients to overcome their fear of dentistry or other medical procedures.

Messer and Porter/Matrx cooperate on various levels:  Messer supports training courses for dental and medical practitioners in the technique of nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation with sponsorship and by providing gas for the practical sessions, and also supplies nitrous oxide and oxygen directly to Porter/Matrx’s customers and distributors in various countries. 



Medizintechnik Baldus


In Germany, Messer works closely with Baldus Medizintechnik. Their medical equipment is applied for sedation in dental treatments in order to reduce pain sensitivity and make patients feel more relaxed.

Baldus Medizintechnik, a family-owned business, has provided services for customers in medical technology industry for over 25 years. They focus on the German market and offer various certificated medical devices to hospitals, surgery centres, laboratories and dental practices. Their competence and knowledge enables them to support their clients with high product quality and safety.

According to the needs of Baldus’ customers and in relation to the relevant national and European standards, Messer delivers the requested medical gases, in the demanded size and quantity. Baldus is therefore, able to provide customers with a one-stop service – devices, maintenance, planning and technical upgrades for the nitrous oxide sedation therapy as well as the medical gases from Messer.



Salvia Medical, a German cooperation partner of Messer, supplies Messer customers with nitric oxide dosing devices from various manufacturers and also offers comprehensive services.

With over 60 years’ experience and expertise in ventilation technology, Salvia medical is one of the leading technology providers of devices for clinical ventilation and respiratory therapy. Their products are used in intensive-care units, the field of intermediate care, emergency rooms, in anesthesia, on regular wards or in home care.

The cooperation in Germany focuses on customer requirements comprising consulting, individual planning, safety-relevant trainings for users, the delivery of the corresponding therapy device including service and maintenance.