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About Gases for life

Industrial enterprises require oxygen, nitrogen, argon, xenon, neon and krypton as well as carbon dioxide, acetylene, hydrogen and helium along with a wide range of gas mixtures. These are produced on an industrial scale and are as important as water and electricity to many processes used in the manufacture of everyday products. Messer has created the website www.Gasesforlife.de in order to show the public at large how industrial gases are used in everyday life. Sometimes they are plain to see, like the effervescent bubbles in fizzy drinks, but such Gases for Life are often hidden away in many products, including consumer goods or other things we encounter every day. Salads packed under a protective atmosphere or xenon headlights are obvious examples, but gases are used elsewhere too, for example in the production of paper, ice cream and air bags. Further applications and interesting information about gases – for use in articles or at school for instance – can be found at: www.GasesforLife.de