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Purge Gas Treatments in Ladles or Casting Furnaces

Process Description

Many aluminum alloys require melt pool cleaning in order to eliminate unwanted accompanying elements and to homogenise and degas. Holding furnaces or specially designed rinsing stations for ladles or casting furnaces are used for this purpose. At the rinsing stations, purge gas is injected into the melt from under the bath using lances or impeller systems in order to clean the liquid alloy and to degas hydrogen.    

Gas Application

Particularly efficient cleaning takes place by the introduction of an inert gas into the melt. For this purpose, ladles or casting furnaces with specially designed rinsing stations are equipped with corresponding injection systems. Impeller systems consisting of a rotor system which is placed on the vessel and in which the gas is transported via a hollow shaft to the rotor where it exits into the melt in the form of very fine bubbles, are preferred. The rotary movement optimally distributes the gas, and the melt is homogenised.  

Messer Solution

In addition to the gases required for your process, Messer offers a variety of equipment for its optimisation under the brand names Oxipyr and Oxijet. 

In order to select the optimum system, experts from Messer first carry out a comprehensive process analysis. Following calculations and basic engineering, suggestions are made for optimisation and further procedures.

Oxijet - Lance Technology

The gas input system must be specific to the vessel. Various nozzles can be used for this purpose:

  • Messer Oxijet - basic                
  • Messer Oxijet - swirl                 
  • Messer Oxijet - supersonic    
  • Messer Oxijet - atomising       

Oxijet – basic lance with graphite coating

If necessary, the lances are equipped with water cooling or graphite jackets.


Impeller Technology

Messer only offers complete solutions for impeller systems in cooperation with partners.

Impeller with purging gas