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Messer - Our Approach

In addition to the gases required for your application, Messer offers a variety of equipment for process optimisation under the brand names Oxipyr and Oxijet. However, in order to find an optimal solution, a close collaboration between the customer and our experts is highly recommended. Messer is able to perform comprehensive process analysis including calculations and basic engineering, leading to suggestions for possible optimisations and further procedures. A typical joint project starts with an agreement to optimise a costumer´s process or system and is finished with the acceptance after fix installation, start up and commissioning.

What else makes a common project with Messer so successful?

  • Excellent know how of Messer specialists about usual costumer production processes
  • References and long term experience in the field of combustion and heating processes
  • Wide range from revamping to turn key solutions to offer
  • Messer specialists are constantly involved in marketing, research and development activities
  • Network and cooperation with universities, institutes, associations and other suppliers
  • Availability of mobile measurement equipment
  • Possibility of laboratory trials at Messer´s High Temperature Process Competence Centre
  • Possibility of pilot trials on site using Messer rental equipment
  • Possibility of CFD-simulations for combustion and heating processes


Oxipyr-Burner, patented burner solutions for high temperature applications

What does Messer understand by a comprehensive process analysis?

A successful project presumes an exact knowledge of the requirements. Thus, working together with the production. Relevant data and process sequences are recorded. In case certain data are not available on the customer side, e.g. temperature profiles or off gas content, transportable measurement devices will be provided by Messer.

Process analysis is followed by calculations and basic engineering. Calculations include technical and commercial aspects and can be supported by laboratory trials and/or CFD-simulations, if necessary. The commercial aspects comprise investment costs, productivity and running costs. To test the economic advantage of the use of pure oxygen, specific oxygen production costs are included in the calculation. The analysis of the collected data and calculations results in a Due Diligence Report which will be discussed with the customer.

The next step will be a qualified proposal based on the report and the discussions for either a trial or a hardware delivery combined with a gas supply. Additionally reference visits or meetings in the Messer High Temperature Competence Center can be organized. Trials are performed supported by Messer with both equipment and specialists. The available Messer Equipment can increase the speed and flexibility during the project implementation as well as decrease project costs. It goes without saying that parts which have to be adjusted specially to the costumer process and are being used up, like burners and lances, have to be invested.


Example for trial equipment

Depending on the results of the trial the project proceeds with the ordering of necessary hardware and the signing a gas supply contract. Delivery, installation start-up and commissioning of the hardware follow after pre acceptance tests in the Messer High Temperature Competence Center. The customer may check the performance and place last requests for software modification. During this performance test also all details of the installation are fixed in order to shorten up the installation time and the costs onsite.

Each concept is customized. Messer does not merely offer simple standards, but seeks for tailor made solutions. After sales service is just as important to us, as an optimal project handling.