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Competence Centre

Messer's mission is not only to supply customers with gases, but also to support them by developing new or improving existing processes.

Messer's main services are:

  • Process consulting and application technology
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical services (assembly, maintenance)
  • Cooperativeness and diligence of the employees
  • Competence and expertise of the employees
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Continuous development and improvement of services
  • Reasonable price-performance ratio
  • Greatest possible safety


Competence centre for high temperature and heat treatment processes

Special advantages are provided by application know-how and new processes in which gases are used. Messer therefore operates a central technology department that works closely with the sales department. The aim is to identify technological trends at an early stage and, together with the customer, to develop, provide and integrate application-oriented gas processes for the optimization and improvement of processes, procedures and products.

Competence centres support innovations. Messer operates technical competence centers in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and China that focus entirely on innovations for various industries.

In Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, and in Chengdu, China, Messer's competence centers deal with high-temperature and heat treatment processes and burner technology for the metallurgy, glass, cement/lime, refractory and thermal recycling industries. In addition to the infrastructure of the technical colleges, networks and cooperations have been established with universities, institutes and professional associations, which allow the experts to exchange specialist knowledge and market experience, as well as joint research and development activities. At this point we would like to thank all partners and research funding agencies who work together with Messer! Messer currently holds around 900 patents worldwide for processes and applications using gases.

Technical centre for high temperature and heat treatment processes

In the technical laboratory of the Competence Center for High-Temperature and Heat Treatment Processes in Gumpoldskirchen, the following equipment is available for trials on 250m²:


Open-air burner test area

For combustion and burner development:

  • Burner stand (max. 3MW)
  • Combustion chamber (max 500kW, inside 120 x 120 x 260 cm) with furnace pressure control, cooling lances, temperature and exhaust gas measurement
  • Regulation for oxygen / gaseous fuels / air / inert gases


Combustion chamber

Furthermore, a combustion chamber (max 4200kW, inside 120 x 120 x 420 cm) is available for tests and trials at the Technical University of Graz, Institute for Heating Technology.

For heat transfer, scaling and burn-out tests:

  • Trial furnace (max 100kW, inside 100 x 100 x 100 cm) with, temperature and exhaust gas measurement
  • Regulation system for oxygen / gaseous fuels / air / inert gases


Trial furnace

The competence centre also stores and maintains the trial equipment for oxygen / air / gaseous fuels and mobile analysis equipment for exhaust gas and temperature measurements.