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Independent assessments

The Management of Messer Group GmbH is committed to acting in a responsible and sustainable manner as part of its economic and social integration into society. Messer is committed to a transparent, environmental friendly and social sustainable supply chain and is continually working on its improvement.

To assure the quality of the reporting Messer has decided to prepare the Sustainability Report in accordance with the current requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 4).


In this context, we support our customers’ aim of checking and ensuring the sustainability of their own activities and supply chains. We therefore also report to contracted third parties, e.g. Ecovadis or the ‘Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)’, at our customers’ request.

EcoVadis operates the first collaborative platform providing sustainability ratings of suppliers for global supply chains. The non-profit organization CDP focus in its assessment not only on the emissions data and climate strategies, but also a responsible use of water and the management of environmental risks in the supply chain. Both organizations provide a structure to manage and report the CO2-emissions. Additionally, this information gives Messer the possibility to benchmark with the competition.

As a member the national chemical industry associations, Messer is also participating at the its Responsible Care initiative. Responsible Care is a global, voluntary initiative with the aim of improving health, safety and environmental performance through self-regulation.