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Messer - Our Approach

Sample manufacture and interpretation of results

Messer operates a highly specialised technology centre which offers you the opportunity to benefit from process developments, estimate production costs or manufacture sample batches. An example of this is the professional grinding of samples using liquid nitrogen, with all grinding parameters, including throughput, power and nitrogen demand as well as particle size distribution being measured, evaluated and made available to the customer.

The construction of the trial plant serves as an ideal reference as it complies to the conditions in an actual production plant. For this reason, the results obtained here are of particular interest as they can be applied to large scale production. In addition to the manufacture of grinding samples, manufacturing costs can be estimated under different production conditions and compared with other grinding processes.

Exisiting mills can also be optimised

Granulate coolers, nitrogen control valves and temperature controls can be provided for carrying out on-site trials.

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