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Process description

During the manufacture of ready-made meals products often have to be mixed. The product is warmed by the mixing and chopping process. In order to compensate for this heat and /or to cool the product, mixers are equipped with cooling systems. These systems vary between direct and indirect cooling.

Gas application

Cooling with a cryogenic medium is particularly advantageous, especially with liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2


  • Very rapid cooling of product through direct introduction of cooling medium into the mixer
  • Optimum utilisation of the cooling medium through direct contact with product (large heat exchange surface)
  • Simple assembly of coolant supply onto mixer
  • No dilution of the product due to cooling water/ chipped ice

Messer solution

For direct gas input through the mixer bottom, Messer has developed the so-called Clapet nozzles.  

Crogenic cooling medium can be added precisely using Messer’s Variomix Process.