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Competence Centre

Technical Centre for Food Applications

Our technical centre in Krefeld, Germany, enables the carrying out of tests in the areas of food, chemistry and environment. In food we are able to cover several application fields, such as for example, cooling and freezing, transport cooling and modified atmosphere packaging. With the trials we examine how our customers can be supported by the use or the optimisation of gas-based processes. Our experienced team analyses the current customer processes and provides new solutions which are tailored to each process. All of these actions are carried out in close collaboration with our international food colleagues who are experts in local market conditions and trends of the respective country.

For trials we offer wide-range testing capabilities:

Cryogenic equipment:

  • Lab box freezer
  • Box freezer
  • Tunnel freezer
  • Crusting equipment
  • Equipment for mixer cooling (Variomix)
  • Pelletiser and equipment for manual dripping trials

Special applications:

  • Freeze drying
  • Spray drying equipment (Variosol)
  • High pressure extraction plant

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging):

  • Gas mixer with buffer tank
  • Packaging machine

Transport cooling:

  • Siber station
  • EcoLIN equipment
  • Cryo2Pack machine (production of bags filled with dry ice)
  • Equipment for Home Delivery Services


Our technical centre for food applications offers a wide range of trial possibilities