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Cutter Treatment

Process description

In the cutter, the product is chopped by means of a rapidly rotating blade, with the aim of producing a very fine, uniform mass. Without adequate cooling, the product will be warmed by the chopping process. In order to compensate for this heat and/or to cool the product, cutters are equipped with cooling systems. These systems vary between direct and indirect cooling.

Gas application 

Cooling with the aid of cryogenic gases enables a more targeted temperature control in comparison to the use of chipped ice or double-walled containers. Furthermore, a particularly good product quality is achieved. Depending on the product and the respective cooling task the following variants are used for cooling: Cooling with liquid nitrogen and cooling with liquid CO2.


  • Very rapid cooling of product through direct contact with cooling medium
  • Optimum utilisation of the cooling medium through direct introduction
  • Immediate removal of frictional heat
  • Secures the microbiological stability by means of targeted lowering of the raw material temperature
  • Production of frozen meat granules
  • Precise separation of fat and meat particles as a quality feature in the production of raw sausage
  • No dilution of the product due to chipped ice cooling

Messer solution

Messer has developed the Variocut-Process for cooling with liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide.