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Process Description

One of the most important tasks during the transport of food products is keeping the cold chain.

Gas Application

With the help of carbon dioxide and nitrogen it is possible to cool - depending on the demand - complete truck loading areas or single insulated containers. Both applications are usable for either fresh or frozen products.


Siber system: Transport cooling in insulated containers with carbon dioxide

  • Quick cold energy through cryogenic gases
  • Reliable temperature regulation
  • Transport times up to 24h possible
  • Short COinjection time
  • Flexible container for fresh and frozen products
  • Safe and intiutive operation of the injection unit

EcoLIN: Truck transport cooling with nitrogen

  • Quick cold energy through cryogenic gases
  • Reliable temperature regulation
  • Safe, handy and automated filling procedure
  • Quiet cooling technology
  • Small maintenance
  • One hose system

Messer Solution

For the transport of food products in thermal insulated containers Messer developed the Siber system.

For the transport in cooling truck Messer offers the EcoLIN system for a reliable and low noise delivery of cooled products.