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Process description

To protect fish and seafood products from undesirable environmental influences they are packaged. Depending on the size of the facility, this process step will be automated or manual. One of the most common methods is packaging under a protective gas atmosphere which exhibits many advantages over vacuum packaging.

Gas application

When packaging fish or seafood under a modified atmosphere, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) or a gas mixture of these components is used. While oxygen serves to maintain an appetising colour, carbon dioxide inhibits microbial growth. Nitrogen serves as a supporting gas in the packaging and thus protects the product from external mechanical effects.

A modified atmosphere offers the following advantages: 

  • Extended shelf-life
  • Longer preservation of sensory properties such as appearance or taste
  • Reduction in microbiological activity in product
  • Simplified logistics
  • No squeezing (of fluid content) of product
  • Cost savings

Messer solution

The following gas mixtures have proved to be especially advantageous for the transport of fish under a modified atmosphere: 


Gas mixture

Raw lean fish

40% CO2 + 30% O2 + 30% N2

Raw fatty fish

20 - 30% CO2 + 70 - 80% N2

Messer supplies these and other gas mixtures which are tailored for each particular application.

                                     Example of a tray sealer