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Messer Hardware

Please find a selection of our hardware in the food technology segment below. Please don't hesitate to contact us in case of questions.
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Freezing equipment

Freezing equipment according to requirements

The versatility of cryogenic freezing is reflected in the wide spectrum of its application. Thus product cooling can have different goals:

  • Product cooling above the freezing point
  • Freezing of products
  • Cooling during mixing processes to compensate for introduced heat
  • Cooling during mixing for the production of reformed meat
  • Crusting of meat and sausage surfaces to avoid sheering off in the subsequent slicing process
  • Crusting of product surfaces to facilitate further production steps (e.g. crusting of cake surfaces before decoration)
  • Freezing of sauce layers on products for coating of individual layers

Accordingly, the range of freezing equipment is also large. There is a differentiation between continuous and discontinuous freezers, freezers for the production of IQF products (IQF = Individually Quick Frozen) and freezers for the production of frozen product pellets (e.g. starter cultures). Some examples are:

  • Cryogen-Rapid freezing tunnels
  • Cryogen-Rapid box freezers
  • Cryogen-Rapid spiral freezers
  • Tumblers
  • Rotary freezers
  • Pelletizers 

We are pleased to find the optimal solution for your process.


Also cakes are frozen cryogenically.


Clapet nozzles

Clapet nozzles for direct injection of LCO2 und LN2

In many processes in the food industry, such as in mixing and crushing processes, sufficient product cooling is essential. For optimum process control, Messer relies on direct injection of liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen using patented injection nozzles, the "Clapet nozzles". They ensure that the product is quickly and homogeneously brought to the desired temperature. The nozzles are controlled by the process medium and require very little maintenance; their integration into the customer process can be achieved with little effort. Their special structure, which prevents the penetration or sticking of product residues, also allows installation in the floor area of a container. An example of the use of Clapet nozzles is the cold gas feed in the Variomix process.    

Technical data:

  • Throughput: 90 to 1000 kg/h
  • Working pressure LN2: 2 to 5 bar
  • Working pressure LCO2: 12 to 22 bar

Application areas:

  • Meat processing
  • Dough processing
  • Powder production
  • Water treatment
  • Grape cooling after harvest
  • Cooling of liquids


  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in cooling agent amount
  • Process medium controlled – simple operation
  • Easy installation, also retroactively
  • Cost-effective
  • No penetration by product or cleaning agents


Clapet nozzle installed on mixer trough

EcoLIN system

EcoLIN System for Optimum Cold Logistics

Messer developed the EcoLIN system for the cooling of truck loading spaces. It is an indirect cooling system which uses nitrogen as a cooling agent. The liquid nitrogen from a storage tank is evaporated in a heat exchanger, whereby the circulating air inside the loading space is cooled down. Thanks to the permanent availability of the nitrogen and its high cooling capacity the loading space is quickly and efficiently cooled to a given temperature. The EcoLIN filling station guarantees the user easy and safe filling of the nitrogen tank.


  • Rapid cold energy thanks to cryogenic gases
  • Reliable temperature management
  • Safe, manageable and automated filling
  • Quiet cooling technology
  • Low maintenance
  • One hose system

Thanks to the EcoLIN technology supermarkets can be delivered to with little noise, which is more and more necessary especially at night time.

Efficient cooling with nitrogen - our indirect cooling system optimises the transport of fresh and frozen products.

Siber system

Siber System

The patented Siber system consists of a CO2 injection unit and an isothermal container which is dedicated for dry ice cooling. Through the expansion of liquid carbon dioxide when injecting into the dry ice compartment solid CO2 is created. The amount of gas needed is calculated automatically by the system before filling. Equipped with a double compartment the container can be used for the transport of fresh as well as frozen products.   


  • Rapid cold energy thanks to cryogenic gases
  • Reliable temperature regulation
  • Transport times of up to 24 h possible
  • Short CO2 injection time
  • Flexible containers for fresh and frozen products
  • Safe and intuitive operation of the injection unit

The Siber system is a very good alternative to the somewhat laborious use of eutectic plates.

Container filling, dry ice injection, transport – our technology ensures that the cold chain is maintained over the whole transportation period from the warehouse to the supermarket shelf.



Messer invented the ECO2Twister to be able to cool a product particularly efficiently with dry ice, for example in a mixer or cutter. It is a cyclone in which dry ice is formed and directly separated from gaseous CO2. Due to this efficient separation only a little disruptive gas gains access to the machine or cutter. Therefore the cooling stage is more efficient and the machine’s exhaust system has less to do and can thus be scaled down.

Properties of the ECO2Twister:

  • Production of high quality carbon dioxide snow at -78 °C with production rates of 3 to more than 15 kg snow per minute
  • Hygienic design which meets all food standards
  • Easy integration thanks to a small footprint
  • Only one connection point required on your equipment for the extraction and injection of CO2
  • Adapting the ECO2Twister to existing equipment, such as mixers and cutters of different sizes, is possible
  • Low investment and integration costs


ECO2Twister principle


ECO2Twister installation



The Cryogen Rapid Pelletizer serves in the manufacture of frozen products in the shape of small shots or pellets. It is used in the food industry, such as, for example, in ice cream, fruit juice and sauce production, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. During pellet production, a liquid or paste substance  is dropped into a liquid nitrogen flow. After a relevant dwell time the solidified product is separated from the nitrogen and conveyed for further processing.


  • Spherical pellet form is ideal for subsequent freeze drying
  • Uniform product shape
  • Production of an easy to dose product
  • Nearly all droppable substances can be used
  • Modular construction according to customer requirements


  • Pellet diameter: 1 mm to 6 mm (depending on product properties and temperature)
  • Pellet temperature: -25°C to -100°C
  • Production capacity: 50 kg/h to 1500 kg/h


Pelletizing trial equipment for small production capacities