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The DuoCondex® pilot plant is used by customers for practical trials under production conditions. It is designed for a volume flow between 50 and 200 m3/h. Trial results provide important data used to design and construct a plant tailor-made for the customer. The trial plant, with its flexible control system, is easy to transport and therefore quickly available for customer trials. Installation in classificated areas (ex-zone 1, T3) is no problem.

Examples of DuoCondex installations

In this chapter, examples of some DuoCondex® installations are described. Although the range of application areas is large there are typical cases where cryo-condensation is the most suitable method.


DuoCondex® - double system for fully continuous plant operation

Flow rate: 300 m³ / h

Emission limit: 20 mg / m³

Year of construction: 2017



Cryogenic condensation plant for the recovery of gaseous methyl chloride (CH3Cl)

Condensation capacity: 2,000 kg / h

Year of construction: 2013

Batch operation

Due to the "cryopumping effect", the upstream reaction vessels are effectively evacuated, the extracted methyl chloride (boiling point: -24 ° C) condensed, and the liquefied gas is sent back to production.



DuoCondex® - system for cleaning tank farm exhaust air

Volume flow: 200 m³ / h Recovery: approx. 10,000 kg / a (dichloromethane)

Emission limit: 20 mg / m³

Year of construction: 2008

The system cleans the "respiratory gas" resulting from the daily temperature changes and the "displacement gas" during filling. Because the tank farm is rendered inert with the nitrogen vaporized in the DuoCondex system, there is practically no air humidity in the exhaust gas and the system does not have to be defrosted.



DuoCondex® - R11, R12 and cyclopentane recovery unit from the waste gas of a refrigerator recycling plant

Flow rate: 300 m³ / h

Emission limit: 20 mg / m³

Year of construction: 2007

The plant is equipped with a cryogenic post-cooling stage (purifier) ​​in order to be able to comply with the required emission limit values ​​for the gaseous R12 (boiling point: -30 °C). To avoid fires and dust explosions, the recycling plant is rendered inert with the nitrogen evaporated in the cryocondensators.


DuoCondex-equipment is in use at multiple locations. Hereunder a small extract of further references:

Evonik Germany Waste gas purification
Siemens PG Germany R134a-recovery
Elektro Recycling Slovakia Refrigerator recycling
Vopak Netherlands Waste gas purification
Institut für Luftfahrtantriebe Germany Air drying


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