e-Services e-Services

Service-offering for registered Messer customers


Electronic invoicing information & archive                    


Ordering gases online (currently available in Austria, Benelux, France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and  Switzerland)  

e-Solutions e-Solutions

Service-packages for registered Messer customers


Online management of certificates of laboratory & calibration gases

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e-Catalogs e-Catalogs

Internet-Shops for selected Messer products available in some countries

Hardware Shop

Online shop for autogen equipment (Switzerland)

e-Monitoring e-Monitoring

Process monitoring services for registered Messer customers

Remote tanklevel

Monitoring tank levels remotely;

Customer Cylinder tracking

Track the cylinders on-line within the perimeter of your sites  

e-Technology e-Technology

An introduction to some Messer gas-technologies

Save welding cost

Save welding cost with new welding mixture

Cooling Chambers

Cooling equipment with cryogenic gases

Solvent Recovery

Solvent recovery technologies with cryogenic gases

Cold Grinding

Cryogenic grinding

Meat Processing

Mixercooling with cryogenic gases

Water Neutralisation

Waste water neutralisation with carbon dioxide