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Process description

The productivity of a fish farm can be increased largely as long as oxygen, feed and good water quality are sufficiently available. In particular, an adequate content of dissolved oxygen in the fish tanks and raceways is important in order to avoid stress for the fish and to achieve a high feed yield.The oxygen supply is initially carried out with fresh water supply and aeration.

fish farm

Gas Application

With increased stocking density and at elevated water temperatures in the summer, conventional aeration can no longer provide the required concentration of dissolved oxygen. The need to use pure oxygen then becomes indispensable. Since, compared to air, pure oxygen is not diluted by nitrogen, the solubility of pure oxygen in water is nearly five times higher than that of atmospheric oxygen. Accordingly, oxygen dissolution can be significantly accelerated by using pure oxygen and Messer's Farmox process.

The advantages at a glance: 

  • Higher stock density and increased productivity  
  • Compensates elevated water temperature and lower water availability in summer
  • Controlled growing conditions  
  • Improved quality of fish meat
  • Improved feed yield
  • Higher feed rates
  • Lower specific product costs

Messer solution

With the Farmox process, Messer creates ideal conditions for economic intensive breeding, both in new and existing plants. The oxygen input technology of the Farmox process depends on the structure of your breeding plant. Our Messer experts are at your disposal to advise you on oxygen demand on the choice between, for example, deep shaft, side stream enrichment, driving units and diffusers.