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Safety of our transports

The transportation of gases and equipment on the road and customer deliveries are activities which involve the most risks in the gases industry. For this reason, Messer has signed the European Road Safety Charter and is therefore obliged to place particular emphasis on transport safety. In addition to the laws and regulations on operating a vehicle fleet (minimum standard), Messer has found that it has proved invaluable to follow a transport safety plan of its own.
A large number of the drivers working for Messer are outsourced to transport firms, who are responsible for training their drivers according to the ADR. Supplementary, Messer has drawn up its own modular driver training program, which is used to train all drivers. The main themes covered by the training are:

  • Laws and regulations (ADR and national provisions)
  • Defensive, economical driving
  • Technical aspects (hazards arising from product, vehicle and tank technology, vehicle checks, safety technology)
  • Accident avoidance
  • What to do in the case of an accident

In addition, all drivers receive a driver manual specific to their work (bulk, cylinders or service vehicles). This ensures that the driver has immediate access to all important information relating to his activity.
Furthermore, Messer specialists are actively involved in improving transport safety in all relevant bodies of the EIGA (European Industrial Gases Association) and to a large extent also in the national associations.
Through ongoing integration of the new findings and experiences in training and the driver manual, Messer is also making its contribution to a steady reduction in the number of transport incidents.