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Our safety campaign

Alongside individual measures, such as safety inspections, tailor-made training programs and risk analyses, as well as safety audits carried out at various locations, there were also two poster campaigns in over 30 languages. The poster images for the “That was not planned..” and “Just doing…” campaign, which were photographed in our own areas of operation, such as gas filling plants, cylinder storage locations or offices, depict accident situations that are intended to encourage identification on the part of the viewer: a burnt-out junction box, a fall from a ladder or an accident handling unsecured gas cylinders. Messer is not afraid to display its “Messer – Gases for Life” brand on the poster images. The posters make it clear, in this campaign too, that it is not about image, but about people’s sense of responsibility, which is a dynamic process that is subject to continuous improvement. Workers’ own health and that of their colleagues serves as an incentive in this regard – it is one of the most precious assets and is irreplaceable.