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Rubber Deflashing

Process description

All molded rubber parts have some kind of flash. There are two main processes to deflash parts:

  • Tumble deflashing
  • Shot blasting deflashing

Tumble deflashing is used for simple rubber moldings with flashes only on the outside of the part. The embrittled flash is removed by rolling the parts in a tumbler. The process can be enhanced by using impact media such as steel balls, chains or brushes.
Shot blasting deflashing is used for more complicated parts (e.g. with flashes in inner bores or undercuts). Blast media are steel or polycarbonate pellets.

Gas application

To remove this flash, the parts are cooled down using liquid nitrogen to embrittle the rubber. The parts are then treated in a deflashing machine.

Messer solution

Messer has a team of internal and external specialists which solves the challenges together with the customer. We usually make tests till we meet the customers’ expectations and join him to a turnkey plant for his necessities.

Your advantages at a glance

  • increased productivity compared to manual deflashing
  • reduced rejects
  • suitable even for parts with complicated shapes
  • smooth treatment because of specially adjusted blast media