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Part of the Messer World

The Messer brand name stands for a constant presence in the markets for industrial gases and cutting and welding technology stretching back since 1889. Messer and the Messer Eutectic Castolin Group (MEC) operate under the “Part of the Messer World” umbrella brand, signifying that they are part of the “Messer World” group of companies. 73 per cent of shares in Messer and MEC are owned by Stefan Messer and other family members, while the remaining 27 per cent are held by the Dr. Hans Messer Foundation. The foundation promotes science and research.

Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of autogenous, plasma and laser cutting equipment and partner for the metal processing industry.


SpectronGas Control Systems is a leading specialist in gas supply systems.


BIT Analytical Instruments is a production development, manufacturing and service partner for diagnostic medical technology.


Messer is the largest family-run industrial gas specialist worldwide.


ASCO Carbon Dioxide is a provider of individual and complete CO2 solutions.


MMHCH regards itself as a service provider which looks after patients in the home environment.