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Medical Gases as Medicinal Products

Messer offers a comprehensive product portfolio and ensures that the medical gas supply meets high standards of reliability and precision. The standards are met through regular internal audits, a standardised pharmacovigilance system with validated procedures and validated computerised systems. Through the competence and expertise in medical gases, Messer is able to offer customers exactly what they need: medical gases with a full range of accessories, with the highest possible product quality and comprehensive service all from a single source - including complete control throughout the value chain and extremely high supply reliability – for all medical specialties where medical gases are used.

Messer–quality contains every aspect of gas for a wide range of applications and requirements in pharmaceutical industry

In medicine, gases play an essential role. They are used – and are indispensable – in emergency situations, as a constituent of therapies, or for diagnostic purposes. For instance, Messer medical gases as medicinal products are used in treatments such as heart surgery, anaesthesia, hypoxia, etc. Below, you can find more information regarding our medicinal products in our local businesses.

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Messer Air Compressed Medicinal

Messer Group supplies „Air Compressed“ as a medicinal product in the countries below. For any further inquiries and information concerning the product or service, please visit our local subsidiaries.


Messer Air Synthetic Medicinal

Messer Group supplies „Air Synthetic“ as a medicinal product in various countries. Below you can find more information regarding the product “Air Synthetic Medicinal MESSER” in our local businesses.

Messer Carbon Dioxide

Messer Group supplies „Carbon Dioxide“ as a medicinal product in the following European countries. Regarding the product or other medical services in your region, please visit Messer affiliates stated below.


Messer Group also offers “Carbon Dioxide MESSER” as a medical device in various countries. Please visit our Medical Gases page.

Messer Nitric Oxide 800 ppm (V/V)

Messer Group supplies „Nitric Oxide“ as a medicinal product in the countries below. If you are interested in the product   “Nitric Oxide MESSER 800 ppm (V/V)” for your business, please visit our subsidiary company in your region.