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Messer Group – GRI Content Index - 'in accordance' Core

The GRI Content Index shows at a glance how the Messer Group‘s corporate responsibility report meets the requirements of GRI. The Index shows the standard indicators we have considered and to what extent, as well as where these can be found on the company's website or in the Corporate Responsibility Report and Annual Report (CRR&AR). In addition, the GRI Content Index includes explanations and supplementary information on selected standard indicators. Further information can be found in the GRI Annex. For this report, GRI conducted a Content Index Service. GRI hereby confirms that the GRI Content Index is accurate and aligned with the defined requirements (G4-32), and the Standard Disclosure Labels are clearly indicated in the report (e.g. “G4-18”, “G4-DMA” or “G4-EN5”). The disclosures on material issues that are not represented by a GRI aspect (at the end of the Index) are not within the scope of GRI’s service.

GRI Content Index 2017 (German)
PDF (485k)