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Energy management

Since 2004, we have always achieved our objectives of improving the energy efficiency of the air separation units operated by Messer. Our current objective is to reduce specific energy consumption by 0.5% a year from 2010 to 2020. We are achieving this through better capacity utilisation of our production facilities, continuous investment in even more efficient facilities and targeted energy efficiency projects based on optimal solutions we have discovered within and outside the Group. In 2014, we created the new position of Global Energy Officer (GEO) in the Messer organisation.
The role attached to this job is to continuously monitor the operation of air separation units in order to identify optimal energy saving potential. Messer develops and builds its own air separation units. Energy efficiency is a key aspect in the design of the units, and our Corporate Engineering Team is continuously working on ways to further improve the average energy consumption of our new units. This is often done in cooperation with industry partners, external experts and universities. The central logistics department has also committed itself to the goal of improving energy efficiency. Our vehicle technology is constantly being improved and in this context, we also provide relevant driver training. Progress towards this goal is being made with the aid of IT-based route planning for all Messer companies, as well as through cross-border optimisation of vehicle routes.

Precise data and facts concerning our energy consumption are mentioned in our yearly CSR Report.