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Marco Pellegrino

Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd

Managing Director / Head of Marketing

+41 (0)71 466 80 55

+41 (0)71 466 80 66


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Dry ice

The specialist: ASCO Carbon Dioxide

ASCO Carbon Dioxide, a Messer subsidiary, is your partner for automatic dry ice production machines, CO2 production and recovery plants, dry ice blasting units, CO2 storage tanks, cylinder filling systems, vaporisers and other CO2 accessories. ASCO Carbon Dioxide offers a comprehensive range of technologies covering every aspect of CO2, with a particular focus on dry ice production and application.

ASCO Carbon Dioxide’s facility in the Swiss town of Romanshorn serves as a CO2 competence centre for the entire Messer Group. Product development and service are based on two strong pillars: firstly, the company’s 130-plus years of practical experience with CO2 and dry ice, and secondly, its highly skilled and extremely loyal and committed workforce. The combination of know-how and a broad product range ensures that customers receive complete and tailor-made solutions for all their requirements from a single source.