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Statements with personality

The strategy and content of the development process for our employer brand was defined and assessed by the people it concerns – our employees. The survey carried out focused on employees from all national subsidiaries, in order to get qualified and authentic statements. The overall development of our employer brand was a process that originated from the inside outward and that underscores the value of our employees.

This is also reflected in the advertisement images developed as a result: the protagonists are employees from our national subsidiaries who applied by way of an internal competition to offer their faces as brand ambassadors – an impressive testimony to how strongly they identify with their employer. Across all companies and fields of activity, a total of 21 different images illustrate the possibilities for and self-images of the people committed to Messer.

The images stem directly from the working worlds of the people taking part. They show them at their workplace or in situations where you can really feel the “Messer spirit”. The concept and layout of the campaign correspond with the image campaign “Gases for Life”, which also saw Messer employees in front of the camera.