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Technical gases in cylinders

Great variety in small quantities

Cylinders or bundles are suitable for supplying smaller quantities, particularly for cutting and welding applications. The range of cylinder-sizes varies from very small cylinders for mobile use up to bundles for big demands. Recent developments turn this “old-fashion” gas supply into a modern and attractive alternative:


The design of gas cylinder bundles has remained unchanged for a long time. Now Messer has taken a decisive step forward: the new MegaPack cylinder bundle combines numerous innovations in an awardwinning design, making it a prestigious highlight for the laser industry in particular.

Quality immediately discernible

Cutting gases – like laser cutting machines – are precision products. With MegaPack, Messer can document the quality and purity of the gases thanks to the high-quality finish of the gas supply system, right down to the nozzle. In other words, MegaPack now offers the kind of high-quality gas supply that does justice to the showpiece that is the laser cutting machine.


The pressure regulator is a permanent part of the cylinder. Your advantages are: easy handling, more safety, no need to buy or maintain a separate pressure regulator.


Messer not only supplies first-rate cylinder gases. We also think about how we can further optimize the supply to our customers.

Our latest idea: the E-Order App. If you use apps on your smartphone as well – for example WhatsApp or classics like “spirit level” and “torch” – then you will know how straightforward and practical these applications can be. With our E-Order App, this now also applies to the process of ordering cylinder gases.

The E-Order App makes ordering the gases you need:

  • quicker
  • more straightforward
  • more convenient
  • more secure

And all using a paperless and environmentally friendly method!
To take part, the only prerequisites are a smartphone and your personal registration on our customer portal.

Your order via the E-Order App is automatically processed and assigned to an account. You will receive the cylinder gases you ordered from your usual delivery centre – and we will take your empty cylinders away at the same time.

You will be invoiced via E-Invoicing using the email address provided by you. Alternatively, if you wish, the invoice can be
sent by conventional mail. As you can see, the E-Order App ensures the easiest and quickest possible supply of cylinder gases.

EasyOrder – mobile

Reordering using your smartphone by scanning the barcode label of the cylinder in use – makes confusion of products impossible.


A web application for the management of cylinders in your company. Allows you to track cylinder stocks and movements in real-time on your site. (workshops, construction, hospital wards)

App Gas properties

Conversion of different units of technical gases and information about the most important physical properties in a smartphone app – one of some useful apps around Technical Gases.