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Compliance Integrity Test

Everyone should ask themselves whether the conduct

  • is legal and in accordance with the values and rules of the company.
  • is in the best interests of the company and can be undertaken free from their competing own interests.
  • is supported by the personal belief that the right decision has been made and aligned with their own ethical compass,
  • can be notified to supervisors, colleagues, family members or friends with a clear conscience. How would these people react if they knew about the conduct?
  • would also withstand scrutiny from third parties. How would it be represented on the television, radio, internet or in a newspaper?
  • protects the good reputation of the Messer Group.

If each of the questions listed above can be answered with “yes”, then the conduct is probably acceptable. If there is any doubt as to one of these questions, generally speaking the direct supervisor is best placed to assess the situation and to solve the problem.