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Brine Chilling

Process Description

Many production plants use industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide or argon, which are stored in a cold, liquefied form. Before use, it is necessary to evaporate and heat the gases, whereby the refrigerant content is usually lost. With the EcoVap evaporator, the energy is used: Built into the return line of a refrigeration system, it transfers the liquefied-gas cold energy directly into the circulating coolant. The result is an efficient use of energy and reduced energy costs. Cooling systems work with the cooling of liquefied gases from the EcoVap evaporator in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.

Gas application

If gas is required in the production process, it does not pass via the conventional air evaporator which delivers the cold to the ambient air, instead it goes through the EcoVap evaporator. The energy required to evaporate the liquefied gas is removed from the coolant, thereby cooling down, thus relieving the refrigeration system. Ice and mist formation on the air vaporizers are not happening anymore and the temperature of the required gas is always constant regardless of the ambient conditions.

Messer solutions

Messer offers a team of experts who have relevant experience to implement this process improvement together with our customers.

We accompany them from the design to the engineering stage right up to implementation at your plant. In addition, tests can be carried out promptly and cost-effectively with the existing equipment pool.