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Diveline: Pure gases as components for diving gas mixtures

Our product portfolio for the ‘diving gases’ segment includes helium, oxygen and nitrogen. These products are pure gases.

So whilst Diveline gases are not ready-to-use diving gases, they do form the basis for such gases.

Each mixture has to be adjusted precisely for the specific dive. Parameters such as depth of dive, duration of dive and the corresponding decompression times are key factors here. With our Diveline products, we offer divers gases in the quality required to make the right breathing mix.

The specifications for Diveline diving gases were elaborated in a working group on the basis of the EN 12021:2014 “Respiratory equipment – compressed gases for breathing apparatus” standard and the current version of the European Pharmacopoeia.

Diveline gases are produced in batches. Each cylinder is labelled with a batch label and can therefore always be identified and traced back.

We supply a safety data sheet for each Diveline product, and we will be happy to advise you on questions regarding their safe handling.


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