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Messer sets the tone with an audio logo

The development of the audio logo was required to take account of the gases as products, the company with its values and its technical and traditional aspects, as well as compatibility with the existing word and figurative mark. At the same time, the audio logo was supposed to have long-term suitability in terms of further developments in the area of communications.

Messer’s corporate identity combines the tradition and history of a family-run business, strong customer relationships and close teamwork, as well as a high degree of creative thinking, technical innovation, internationality and constant adaptability in an extremely competitive market environment. Messer bases its philosophy on the following underlying values: vision, trust, internationality, responsibility, courage, excellence and history. Messer’s product world is the world of gases. The international markets are growing at a breathtaking pace and new technologies constantly call for new processes for gas applications in every sector of industry. As a medium-sized family-run business competing against listed companies, Messer’s market strength lies in its willingness to embrace continuous development, its independent security of supply and the way in which it conducts its business on the basis of tradition and trust. Strong customer relationships are just as important to Messer in this regard as a close bond with its employees.

The audio logo consists of three elements – the sound of a gas diffusing from a gas cylinder, a 6+1 tone melody, tying in with the figurative mark which consists of the word ‘Messer’ and a family symbol, followed by human exhalation at the end. The six notes of the melody establish the link to the six values of Messer while at the same time allowing an audio-visualisation of the six letters of the company name. The melody culminates in a bell sound, which is an audio-visual representation of the symbol in the trademark while at the same time having the clear quality of a signal. The rhythm chosen is in the mid-tempo range, thereby conveying sustainability and the willingness to combine tradition and history with modernity, without growing too quickly or missing out on market developments in the process.

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